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The Chinese are big on food.

Unlike social life back home, which tends to resolve around bars and pubs, the Chinese socialise in restaurants. OK, so the word ‘restaurant’ is perhaps misleading here – to me it conjures up images of a fairly upmarket establishment – ‘eating place’ is perhaps more suitable.

The majority of eating places are small, family run places. They’re hygiene standards certainly wouldn’t be accepted in many places in the world: they’d no doubt be shut down for failing food health and safety tests. But things are just different here. For example, the little old lady on the table next to you wouldn’t think twice about coughing up a sizeable lump of phlegm and dropping it onto the floor. People won’t use ashtrays – the ash and the butt will both end up on the floor. At night, cockroaches will occassionally scuttle past. The rubbish will be carried out straight through the main eating area. If eating meat on the bone, the correct procedure is to pick it up, gnaw on it and then drop the bone onto the floor. So, basically the floors are filthy.

So what’s on offer in the hole in the wall restaurants? Well, pretty much anything you want. Each restaurant must have around a hundred dishes on offer…

Below is a collection of food/restaurant photos in China for your enjoyment…

Rinsing duck heads in the river, Suzhou

Freshly rinsed, the duck heads are left to dry in the sun…

A country-style dinner shared with the parents of a friend in northern rural China. The meal included pigs’ trotters, pigs’ ears and the black things are silk worm cocoons or something of the sort (for more info see: http://www.0791quanquan.com/forum/topic_51358.html or do a google search for ‘蚕茧的营养‘ for more pics). The pin yin is can2 jia

A friend who manages a small muslim eatery in Dalian. It gives an example of what the majority of the local ‘eateries’ look like.


Meat, vegetables and noodles. Less than 10 RMB – why bother cooking when you can eat for that price?

Dalian beer festival provided not only a nice selection of lagers but also a few tasty kebabs in case your feeling extra brave after you’ve downed a couple…

I was made to feel guilty about trying this snack after I was reminded about the plight of the humble bee in the UK. For anyone who wants to try it: the small ones tasted fine because they were mainly batter (deep fried), the larger ones were a bit bitter. Too much bee!). This was in a restaurant in Shanghai.

A selection of pics (along with the previous few) from a water town in the outskirts of Shanghai.


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